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TinyChain is a distributed state machine with an HTTP + JSON API designed to provide cross-service transactions across an ensemble of microservices which implement the TinyChain protocol.

TinyChain currently supports BlockChain, BTree, Table, and Tensor collection types, with more planned for the future.

TinyChain is intended to be used as an executable binary (i.e., with cargo install) via its HTTP API. For usage instructions and more details, visit the repository page at


  • Maintains the consistency of the network by coordinating transaction commits.
  • Gateway handles network traffic.
  • The host Kernel, responsible for dispatching requests to the local host


  • Error to convey an upstream problem
  • Error to indicate that the request is badly-constructed or nonsensical
  • Error to indicate that the request cannot be fulfilled due to a conflict with another request.
  • Error to indicate that the requestor’s credentials do not authorize the request to be fulfilled
  • A truly unexpected error, for which no handling behavior can be defined
  • Error to indicate that a required feature is not yet implemented.
  • Error to indicate that the request failed to complete in the allotted time.
  • Error to indicate that the user’s credentials are missing or nonsensical.
  • Error to indicate that this host is currently overloaded




  • The minimum size of the transactional filesystem cache, in bytes

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