Crate timely_util

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A Child wraps a Subgraph and a parent G: Scope. It manages the addition of Operates to a subgraph, and the connection of edges between them.
A Duration type to represent a span of time, typically used for system timeouts.
A direct connection
Abstraction of a stream of D: Data records timestamped with S::Timestamp.
A measurement of the system clock, useful for talking to external entities like the file system or other processes.
An allocator for intra-thread communication.
A Worker is the entry point to a timely dataflow computation. It wraps a Allocate, and has a list of dataflows that it manages.


Enumerates known implementors of Allocate. Passes trait method calls on to members.


A composite trait for types usable as data in timely dataflow.
The fundamental operations required to add and connect operators in a timely dataflow graph.
A composite trait for types that serve as timestamps in timely dataflow.