Module time::error

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Various error types returned by methods in the time crate.


  • An error type indicating that a component provided to a method was out of range, causing a failure.
  • An error type indicating that a conversion failed because the target type could not store the initial value.
  • An error type indicating that a TryFrom call failed because the original value was of a different variant.
  • The system’s UTC offset could not be determined at the given datetime.
  • An error type indicating that a FromStr call failed because the value was not a valid variant.


  • A unified error type for anything returned by a method in the time crate.
  • Formatformatting
    An error occurred when formatting.
  • InvalidFormatDescription(formatting or parsing) and alloc
    The format description provided was not valid.
  • Parseparsing
    An error that occurred at some stage of parsing.
  • An error that occurred while parsing the input into a Parsed struct.
  • An error that occurred when converting a Parsed to another type.