[][src]Struct tide::ResponseBuilder

pub struct ResponseBuilder(_);

Response Builder

Provides an ergonomic way to chain the creation of a response. This is generally accessed through Response::builder


let mut response = Response::builder(203)
    .header("custom-header", "value")

assert_eq!(response.take_body().into_string().await.unwrap(), "body");
assert_eq!(response.status(), StatusCode::NonAuthoritativeInformation);
assert_eq!(response["custom-header"], "value");
assert_eq!(response.content_type(), Some(mime::HTML));


impl ResponseBuilder[src]

pub fn build(self) -> Response[src]

Returns the inner Response

pub fn header(
    mut self: Self,
    key: impl Into<HeaderName>,
    value: impl ToHeaderValues
) -> Self

Sets a header on the response.

let response = Response::builder(200).header("header-name", "header-value").build();
assert_eq!(response["header-name"], "header-value");

pub fn content_type(mut self: Self, content_type: impl Into<Mime>) -> Self[src]

Sets the Content-Type header on the response.

let response = Response::builder(200).content_type(mime::HTML).build();
assert_eq!(response["content-type"], "text/html;charset=utf-8");

pub fn body(mut self: Self, body: impl Into<Body>) -> Self[src]

Sets the body of the response.

let mut response = Response::builder(200).body(json!({ "any": "Into<Body>"})).build();
assert_eq!(response.take_body().into_string().await.unwrap(), "{\"any\":\"Into<Body>\"}");

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for ResponseBuilder[src]

impl Into<Response> for ResponseBuilder[src]

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