[][src]Struct threaded::ThreadPool

pub struct ThreadPool { /* fields omitted */ }

Thread pool of workers awaiting execution orders.


impl ThreadPool[src]

pub fn new(capacity: usize) -> ThreadPool[src]

Create a new ThreadPool.

The capacity is the number of desired threads in the pool.


The new function will panic if the capacity is zero.


use std::sync::Arc;
use std::sync::atomic::{ Ordering, AtomicBool };
use threaded::ThreadPool;

let num_workers = 2;
let tp = ThreadPool::new(num_workers);

assert_eq!(tp.capacity(), num_workers);

let has_executed = Arc::new(AtomicBool::new(false));
    let has_executed = has_executed.clone();
    tp.execute(move || {
        has_executed.swap(true, Ordering::SeqCst);

drop(tp); // block main thread until execute finishes (uses handle.join())

assert_eq!(has_executed.load(Ordering::SeqCst), true);

pub fn capacity(&self) -> usize[src]

Capacity of thread pool (number of workers).

pub fn resize(&mut self, capacity: usize)[src]

Resize thread pool to new capacity


The resize function will panic if the capacity is zero.

Caution: Dead workers aren't removed from pool wasting memory but is fault tolerant.

pub fn execute<F>(&self, f: F) where
    F: FnOnce() + Send + 'static, 

Execute function/closure using worker from thread pool.

Trait Implementations

impl Drop for ThreadPool[src]

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