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Supplanted by the fat_type crate.

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thinbox provides an alternative implementation of the standard Rust Box container which has a pointer-sized representation in all cases.

This property is mainly useful in niche foreign-function-interface use-cases. You should probably not use thinbox unless you wish to use unsized types as opaque data crossing an FFI boundary.

In particular, the author has found this crate useful in passing around Rust closure types as userdata pointers in several C-language FFI projects.


This use-case for ThinBox is achieved by leveraging the unsize function to create a representation of a trait which is single-pointer- sized.

use std::mem;
use thinbox::ThinBox;

trait Animal {
    fn speak(&self);

struct Dog {
    name: &'static str,
    loud: bool,

impl Animal for Dog {
    fn speak(&self) {
        if self.loud {
        } else {

fn main() {
    // Create a loud dog named "Woofers", but forget that he's a dog and that
    // he's loud by unsizing.
    let thin: ThinBox<dyn Animal> = ThinBox::unsize(Dog { name: "Woofers", loud: true });

    // Move to a single-pointer-sized representation.
    let raw = ThinBox::into_raw(thin);
    assert_eq!(mem::size_of_val(&raw), mem::size_of::<*mut ()>());

    // Restore the dynamic representation from the raw representation.
    let thin = unsafe { ThinBox::<dyn Animal>::from_raw(raw) };

    // "WOOF!"


thinbox is licensed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. All Source Code Forms are “Incompatible With Secondary Licenses”, as described in §3.3 of the license.


thinbox is developed at GitLab.


thinbox has been tested with Miri, which has revealed no violations of Stacked Borrows.

Implementation Details

These implementation details are not guaranteed to be preserved across releases.

ThinBox is currently implemented as a pointer to Box-managed memory if T is Sized and as a pointer to a Box-managed structure containing a vptr and value if T is unsized. Since the vptr is not stored in the Box, ThinBox is thus pointer-sized in all cases.



A consistently-sized pointer type for heap allocation.



Returns true if T is unsized and false otherwise.