Struct textwrap::HyphenSplitter[][src]

pub struct HyphenSplitter;

Simple and default way to split words: splitting on existing hyphens only.

You probably don't need to use this type since it's already used by default by Options::new.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for HyphenSplitter[src]

impl Copy for HyphenSplitter[src]

impl Debug for HyphenSplitter[src]

impl WordSplitter for HyphenSplitter[src]

HyphenSplitter is the default WordSplitter used by Options::new. It will split words on any existing hyphens in the word.

It will only use hyphens that are surrounded by alphanumeric characters, which prevents a word like "--foo-bar" from being split into "--" and "foo-bar".

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