Function textwrap::unfill[][src]

pub fn unfill<'a>(text: &'a str) -> (String, Options<'a, HyphenSplitter>)

Unpack a paragraph of already-wrapped text.

This function attempts to recover the original text from a single paragraph of text produced by the fill function. This means that it turns

textwrap: a small
library for
wrapping text.

back into

textwrap: a small library for wrapping text.

In addition, it will recognize a common prefix among the lines. The prefix of the first line is returned in Options::initial_indent and the prefix (if any) of the the other lines is returned in Options::subsequent_indent.

In addition to ' ', the prefixes can consist of characters used for unordered lists ('-', '+', and '*') and block quotes ('>') in Markdown as well as characters often used for inline comments ('#' and '/').

The text must come from a single wrapped paragraph. This means that there can be no "\n\n" within the text.


use textwrap::unfill;

let (text, options) = unfill("\
* This is an
  example of
  a list item.

assert_eq!(text, "This is an example of a list item.\n");
assert_eq!(options.initial_indent, "* ");
assert_eq!(options.subsequent_indent, "  ");