Crate texel_types[][src]


Bounds iterator that returns Position2D elements contained in given area

2D dimension of up to 16bit size

3D position

2D position

Previous scene version == V1

Current scene version == V2

Sprite represents a 2D ASCII art picture with frame animation

Previous version of the sprite for re-import in scene only

Base building block, “textual pixel” consisting of coordinates, symbol, styles and colors


Two dimensional boundary consisting of Position2D and Dimension Bounds can be either free standing or binding

ColorMode enum for background/foreground selection

Describes a direction

Scene is the final serialization artifact for texel_types. As such it needs to be versioned explicitly so it can be known which version of the serialized scene we’re deserializing from files. This enum wrapper will hold any version of the scene object to provide forward compatibility.

Symbol styles enum

Describes the translation operation

Generic “which” selector for selections etc.


Default background color for sprites

Default foreground color for sprites

256 * 256 ascii chars maximum


Create a Texels vector from &str

Writes given &str to Texels list starting at given position NOTE - does not expand the list, if EOL would be reached false it returned

Type Definitions

Set of SymbolStyle

Vector of Texels