[][src]Enum tetra::error::TetraError

pub enum TetraError {
    FailedToLoadAsset {
        reason: Error,
        path: PathBuf,
    NotEnoughData {
        expected: usize,
        actual: usize,
    // some variants omitted

The types of error that can occur in a Tetra game.

Note that if you match on this enum, you will be forced to add a wildcard arm by the compiler. This is so that if a new error type is added later on, it will not break your code.



Returned when the underlying platform returns an unexpected error. This usually isn't something your game can reasonably be expected to recover from.


Returned when your game fails to load an asset. This is usually caused by an incorrect file path, or some form of permission issues.

Fields of FailedToLoadAsset

reason: Error

The underlying reason for the error.

path: PathBuf

The path to the asset that failed to load.


Returned when a color is invalid.


Returned when a texture's data is invalid.


Returned when a shader fails to compile.


Returned when a sound cannot be decoded.


Returned when not enough data is provided to fill a buffer. This may happen if you're creating a texture from raw data and you don't provide enough data.

Fields of NotEnoughData

expected: usize

The number of bytes that were expected.

actual: usize

The number of bytes that were provided.


Returned when trying to play back audio without an available device.


Returned when your game tried to change the display settings (e.g. fullscreen, vsync) but was unable to do so.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for TetraError[src]

impl Display for TetraError[src]

impl Error for TetraError[src]

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