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tesserae is a library for manipulating and drawing graphics consisting of 8x8 pixel two-color tiles, in the spirit of text mode drawing in early 8-bit computers, using SDL.

It includes file formats for saving and loading tile sets and graphics, as well as a number of built-in tile sets.

It also includes a tile and graphics editor, itself made with tesserae, called tesseraed.

tesseraed is stored as an example in the library, and can be run with cargo run --example tesseraed.



A Graphic is an image composed of many Tiles in a rectangle.


An index into a TileSet, paired with a foreground and background colour. One cell of a Graphic.


An alternative backend that stores each individual tile as a separate SDL texture in a hashtable. Can be used in some cases as a drop-in replacement for a textured graphic. Draw is slightly slower but updating textures is significantly faster if the same tile is used in a lot of different places.


A set of 512 8x8 pixel monochrome tiles, along with a map for the basic 256 ASCII characters to tile indices. Most tile sets only include character mappings for the typable characters on a conventional keyboard.



Mostly used internally. Given a 64 bit integer, interprets it as an 8x8 tile and draws it to the given texture at the given point with the given foreground and background colors.