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Hardware pins for the Teensy 4.0 and 4.1 boards

teensy4-pins is designed to the imxrt-iomuxc crate. The pins API constrains the processor pads to the ones that are available on the Teensy 4.0 and 4.1. It also exposes type aliases that simplify pin identification in the type system.

Note that this pin API is optional. You are free to configure the pins using the pad identifiers, instead of the physical pin identifiers. Pads are available directly from the imxrt-iomuxc crate.

Teensy 4.0

To acquire Teensy 4.0 pins, call t40::into_pins and provide all of the processor pads:

use teensy4_pins::t40;

let pads = // Handle to all processor pads
let pins = t40::into_pins(pads);

Teensy 4.1

The approach is the same as the Teensy 4.0, replacing t40 with t41:

use teensy4_pins::t41;

let pads = // Handle to all processor pads
let pins = t41::into_pins(pads);


The safe APIs expect to work on the only instance of the processor pads. If you don't have that available, or you need more flexibility, use the unsafe t40::Pin::new or t41::Pins::new constructor methods to create an instance that may be aliasing another handle to the pads or pins.



Common pinout


Teensy 4.0 specific APIs


Teensy 4.1 specific APIs