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Generic error handling for Tectonic.

This crate provides a generic boxed error type, plus supporting utilities. In particular:

  • The basic Error type is an anyhow 1.x boxed Error
  • The atry! macro allows simple structured annotations to be added to ? operations
  • The a_ok_or! macro allows for annotations to Option::ok_or_else calls.


pub use anyhow;



A “prelude” module providing a collection of useful names, without causing compiler complaints about the ones you don’t use.



“annotated ok_or” — like Option::ok_or_else()?, but with the ability to add extended context to the error. This yields an AnnotatedMessage as its error type.


“Annotated try” — like try!, but with the ability to add extended context to the error message. This tries to provide a bit more syntactic sugar than anyhow’s with_context(), and it supports our AnnotatedMessage context type.



A simple annotated message that can be attached to errors using the anyhow::Context methods, or be used as an error type itself. The recommended way to use this for error context is using atry! or related macros.


The generic error type, for complex operations that can fail for a wide range of reasons. This type is a reexport of the anyhow 1.x series Error type.

Type Definitions


A preloaded result type where the error type is our generic error type.