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The Tectonic document model and its serialization into Tectonic.toml.

This crate provides data structures and serialization support for the Tectonic document model and its expression in the Tectonic.toml file. It only provides data access: you can use this crate without needing to link with the full Tectonic engines and all of the dependencies they drag in. The main tectonic crate provides extension traits that attach actual document-processing capabilities to these data structures.

Your primary entrypoint to this crate will likely be workspace::Workspace::open_from_environment, which will attempt to load up a workspace by searching the process’ current directory and parents for a Tectonic.toml file. There is also workspace::WorkspaceCreator for creating new workspaces from scratch.


A single Tectonic document.

A Tectonic document-build workspace.