[][src]Struct tdpsola::TdpsolaAnalysis

pub struct TdpsolaAnalysis { /* fields omitted */ }


impl TdpsolaAnalysis[src]

pub fn new<W: AlternatingWindow>(window: &W) -> Self[src]

Create a new TdpsolaAnalysis. The window is used to initialise the TdpsolaAnalysis and is assumed to be the first window used when calling the push_sample method.

pub fn push_sample<W: AlternatingWindow>(&mut self, sample: f32, window: &mut W)[src]

Analyse a new sample.

Different structs, even of different types can be used in subsequent calls to this method. It is assumed that the window changes fluidly between subsequent calls to push_sample.

In order to avoid edge effects, it is advised to add one window of pre-padding.

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