Crate td_rredis

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The client type.
Represents redis commands.
Represents a stateful redis TCP connection.
Holds the connection information that redis should use for connecting.
Represents a redis iterator.
Represents a pubsub message.
The internal redis response parser.
Represents a redis command pipeline.
Represents a pubsub connection.
Represents a lua script.
Represents a prepared script call.


Implements common redis commands for connection like objects. This allows you to send commands straight to a connection or client. It is also implemented for redis results of clients which makes for very convenient access in some basic cases.
Implements common redis commands for pipelines. Unlike the regular commands trait, this returns the pipeline rather than a result directly. Other than that it works the same however.


Shortcut function to creating a command with a single argument.
Packs a bunch of commands into a request. This is generally a quite useless function as this functionality is nicely wrapped through the Cmd object, but in some cases it can be useful. The return value of this can then be send to the low level ConnectionLike methods.
Parses bytes into a redis value.
Shortcut for creating a new pipeline.
This function simplifies transaction management slightly. What it does is automatically watching keys and then going into a transaction loop util it succeeds. Once it goes through the results are returned.