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Provides generic data types used across multiple TinyChain sub-crates.

This library is a part of TinyChain: http://github.com/haydnv/tinychain


A human-readable Id

A static label which implements Into<Id>.

A generic map whose keys are Ids, based on BTreeMap

The current time of the TinyChain network, used to generate transaction IDs.

A constant representing a TCPathBuf.

A borrowed TinyChain path which implements fmt::Display.

A TinyChain path.

A generic tuple type, based on Vec


A generic class trait

A generic instance trait

A generic native (i.e. implemented in Rust) class trait


Return a Label with the given static str.

Return a PathLabel with the given segments.

Type Definitions

An alias for Id used for code clarity.

A pinned future

A pinned [Stream]

A pinned future which returns a TCResult

A pinned TryStream with error type TCError