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Provides a generic scalar Value enum which supports collation.

This library is part of TinyChain: http://github.com/haydnv/tinychain


A boolean value.

The type of a Boolean.

A link to a network resource.

The host portion of a Link (e.g. “”)

Defines a collation order for Number.

A range comprising a start and end Bound

A TinyChain String

A struct for deserializing a Value which implements destream::de::Visitor and serde::de::Visitor.

A semantic version with a major, minor, and revision number, e.g. “0.1.12”


An optional inclusive or exclusive bound

A complex number.

The type of a Complex number.

A floating-point number.

The type of a Float.

A signed integer.

The type of an Int.

The address portion of a Link (an IP address)

The protocol portion of a Link (e.g. “http”)

A generic number.

The type of a generic Number.

An unsigned integer.

The type of a UInt.

A generic value enum

The class of a Value.


The prefix of an exclusive Bound

The prefix of an inclusive Bound


Defines common operations on floating-point numeric types.

Defines common properties of numeric types supported by Number.

Defines common operations on numeric types supported by Number.

Trigonometric functions.