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A type map for storing data of arbritrary type.


Extensions is a container that can store up to one value of each type, so you can insert and retrive values by their type:

use task_local_extensions::Extensions;

let a: i64 = 3;
let mut ext = Extensions::new();
assert_eq!(ext.get::<i64>(), Some(&3));

Task Local Extensions

The crate also provides with_extensions so you set an Extensions instance while running a given task:

use task_local_extensions::{get_local_item, set_local_item, with_extensions, Extensions};

async fn my_task() {
  let a: i64 = get_local_item().await.unwrap(0);
  let msg = format!("The value of a is: {}", a);

let a: i64 = 3;
let (out_ext, _) = with_extensions(Extensions::new().with(a), my_task()).await;
let msg = out_ext.get::<String>().unwrap();
assert_eq!(msg.as_str(), "The value of a is: 3");


  • Extensions is a type map: values are stored and retrieved using their TypeId.


  • Retrieve any item from task-local storage.
  • Set an item in task-local storage.
  • Sets a task local to Extensions before fut is run, and fetches the contents of the task local Extensions after completion and returns it.