Struct tapestry::patterns::ClusterLayers[][src]

pub struct ClusterLayers {
    pub interior: Vec<Coord>,
    pub internal_border: Vec<Coord>,
    pub external_border: Vec<Coord>,

Represents various layers of a selection of coords (cluster).

The internal and external borders straddle the “actual edge” of a coord cluster.


interior: Vec<Coord>

The set of cluster coords that does not touch the exterior of the cluster in any way. For a filled shape, this should represent the majority of the coords.

Defined as a cluster cell adjacent only to other cluster cells.

internal_border: Vec<Coord>

The border layer lining the inside of a cluster of coords, separating it from the exterior. This is the layer between the interior and external_border.

Defined as a cluster cell adjacent to at least one non-cluster cell.

external_border: Vec<Coord>

The border layer surrounding the cluster of coords on the outside. These coords are not actually part of the cluster itself, but are adjacent to the internal_border.

Defined as a non-cluster cell adjacent to at least one cluster cell.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for ClusterLayers[src]

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