[][src]Struct tantivy::IndexMeta

pub struct IndexMeta {
    pub segments: Vec<SegmentMeta>,
    pub schema: Schema,
    pub opstamp: Opstamp,
    pub payload: Option<String>,

Meta information about the Index.

This object is serialized on disk in the meta.json file. It keeps information about

  • the searchable segments,
  • the index docstamp
  • the schema


segments: Vec<SegmentMeta>

List of SegmentMeta informations associated to each finalized segment of the index.

schema: Schema

Index Schema

opstamp: Opstamp

Opstamp associated to the last commit operation.

payload: Option<String>

Payload associated to the last commit.

Upon commit, clients can optionally add a small Striing payload to their commit to help identify this commit. This payload is entirely unused by tantivy.


impl IndexMeta[src]

pub fn with_schema(schema: Schema) -> IndexMeta[src]

Create an IndexMeta object representing a brand new Index with the given index.

This new index does not contains any segments. Opstamp will the value 0u64.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for IndexMeta[src]

impl Debug for IndexMeta[src]

impl Serialize for IndexMeta[src]

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