[][src]Struct tantivy::query::BooleanQuery

pub struct BooleanQuery { /* fields omitted */ }

The boolean query combines a set of queries

The documents matched by the boolean query are those which

  • match all of the sub queries associated with the Must occurence
  • match none of the sub queries associated with the MustNot occurence.
  • match at least one of the subqueries that is not a MustNot occurence.


impl BooleanQuery[src]

pub fn new_multiterms_query(terms: Vec<Term>) -> BooleanQuery[src]

Helper method to create a boolean query matching a given list of terms. The resulting query is a disjunction of the terms.

pub fn clauses(&self) -> &[(Occur, Box<dyn Query>)][src]

Deconstructed view of the clauses making up this query.

Trait Implementations

impl Query for BooleanQuery[src]

impl From<Vec<(Occur, Box<dyn Query + 'static>)>> for BooleanQuery[src]

impl Clone for BooleanQuery[src]

impl Debug for BooleanQuery[src]

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