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Rust docs Rust 1.56+ Unsafe Forbidden

Internal implementations of synthez crate.

DO NOT use it directly, use synthez crate instead.


pub use proc_macro2;
pub use quote;
pub use syn;


Code generation implementations.

Extensions for syn types.

Batteries for working with struct fields.

Abstraction over syn types containing something.

Batteries for syn::parse.

Batteries for Span and syn::spanned.


Container requiring a field to have a value mandatory.

Wrapper for non-Spanned types to hold their Span.


Extension of a syn::Data.

Extension of a syn::Ident.

Parseing of syn::Attributes into a custom defined struct.

Extension of a syn::parse::ParseBuffer providing common function widely used by this crate for parsing.

Types that can be interpolated inside a quote! invocation.