Struct syn::ItemMacro2[][src]

pub struct ItemMacro2 {
    pub attrs: Vec<Attribute>,
    pub vis: Visibility,
    pub macro_token: Macro,
    pub ident: Ident,
    pub paren_token: Paren,
    pub args: TokenStream,
    pub brace_token: Brace,
    pub body: TokenStream,

A 2.0-style declarative macro introduced by the macro keyword.

This type is available if Syn is built with the "full" feature.


Trait Implementations

impl Synom for ItemMacro2

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impl ToTokens for ItemMacro2

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impl Debug for ItemMacro2

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impl Clone for ItemMacro2

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impl From<ItemMacro2> for Item

Performs the conversion.

impl Eq for ItemMacro2

impl PartialEq for ItemMacro2

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impl Hash for ItemMacro2

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Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for ItemMacro2

impl !Sync for ItemMacro2