Struct symbolic_unreal::Unreal4LogEntry[][src]

pub struct Unreal4LogEntry {
    pub timestamp: Option<DateTime<Utc>>,
    pub component: Option<String>,
    pub message: String,

A log entry from an Unreal Engine 4 crash.


timestamp: Option<DateTime<Utc>>

The timestamp of the message, when available.

component: Option<String>

The component that issued the log, when available.

message: String

The log message.


impl Unreal4LogEntry[src]

pub fn parse(log_slice: &[u8], limit: usize) -> Result<Vec<Self>, Unreal4Error>[src]

Tries to parse a blob normally coming from a logs file inside an Unreal4Crash into a vector of Unreal4LogEntry.

Trait Implementations

impl Serialize for Unreal4LogEntry[src]

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