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Web renderer for the Sycamore UI framework.

Sycamore on its own is a backend-agnostic UI framework. This crate provides web support to Sycamore. With this crate, it is possible to render Sycamore views to the DOM (using DomNode), “hydrate” existing DOM nodes (using [HydrateNode]), or render a static string (using [SsrNode]).

This crate is re-exported in the sycamore crate. It is recommended to use that instead of using this crate directly.


Rendering backend for the DOM.


Trait that is implemented by all GenericNode backends that render to HTML.


Create a generic Html node from a web_sys::Node.
Queue up a callback to be executed when the component is mounted.
Render a View into the DOM. Alias for render_to with parent being the <body> tag.
Render a View under a parent node, in a way that can be cleaned up. This function is intended to be used for injecting an ephemeral sycamore view into a non-sycamore app (for example, a file upload modal where you want to cancel the upload if the modal is closed).
Render a View under a parent node. For rendering under the <body> tag, use render instead.