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This crate provides a procedural macro that renders ASCII diagrams in doc comments as SVG images using svgbob.

Requires Rust version 1.54 or later or equivalent nightly builds.


Add the following line to Cargo.toml.

svgbobdoc = { version = "0.2", features = ["enable"] }


Wrap doc comments with #[doc = transform!(...)]. Use svgbob code blocks to write ASCII diagrams.

#[doc = svgbobdoc::transform!(
/// Some structure.
/// ```svgbob
///  .--------------------.
///  | Diagrams here      |
///  `--------------------'
/// ```
pub struct TestStruct {}

See the example directory for a complete example.


  • Using this macro increases the compilation time. The enable Cargo feature can be used to turn off the transformation and the compilation of most dependent packages.

  • A link reference definition ([label]: data:...) can be generated by providing a link label in a code fence header as in ~~~svgbob,[label].

License: MIT/Apache-2.0


Render ASCII-diagram code blocks in a Markdown-formatted string literal or zero or more #[doc = ...] attributes as SVG images.