pub use nalgebra;
pub use sauron;



The simplest buffer. This is maps which char belong to which cell skipping the whitespaces

Fragment buffer contains the drawing fragments for each cell Svg can be converted to fragment buffer then from the fragment we can match which characters is best suited for a particular set of fragment contained in a cell and then create a stringbuffer. The stringbuffer becomes the ascii diagrams SVG -> FragmentBuffer -> StringBuffer -> Ascii Diagrams



render node, elements to a writable buffer


convert svgbob ascii art to svg string

convert svgbob ascii art to svg string with indentions

convert ascii art to svg using the size supplied

convert ascii art into an svg

Type Definitions

A simplified version of saurdon_vdom node, where we supplied the type for the tag which is a &’static str. The missing type is now only MSG which will be supplied by the users App code.