Macro svd2rust::interrupt [] [src]

macro_rules! interrupt {
    ($NAME:ident, $path:path) => { ... };
    ($NAME:ident, $path:path, locals: {
        $($lvar:ident: $lty:ty = $lval:expr;)+
    }) => { ... };

Assigns a handler to an interrupt

This macro takes two arguments: the name of an interrupt and the path to the function that will be used as the handler of that interrupt. That function must have signature fn().

Optionally, a third argument may be used to declare interrupt local data. The handler will have exclusive access to these local variables on each invocation. If the third argument is used then the signature of the handler function must be fn(&mut $NAME::Locals) where $NAME is the first argument passed to the macro.


Be careful when using this code, it's not being tested!
interrupt!(TIM2, periodic);

fn periodic() {

interrupt!(TIM3, tick, locals: {
    tick: bool = false;

fn tick(locals: &mut TIM3::Locals) {
    locals.tick = !locals.tick;

    if locals.tick {
    } else {