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Strongly typed git repository explorer

This library provides a more Rustic interface for git repositories, built on the git2 bindings. If you want more low-level access to your repository, consider using that library instead.

supergit aims to make queries into a git repo as typed and easy as possible. Start by creating a Repository, and enumerating or fetching Branches that you are interested in.

use supergit::Repository;
let r = Repository::open("/path/to/repo").unwrap();
println!("{:?}", r.branches());

let branch = r.branch("main").unwrap();
let head = branch.head();
println!("{}: {}", head.id(), head.summary().unwrap_or("".into()));

Library structure

The main abstraction layer for a repository is a set of iterators, over branches, commits, and files in commit trees. Some functions implemented in supergit are quite computationally intensive; they are marked as such with their runtime cost!

It's recommended to include supergit::prelude to get started with development.



Type system for working with git branches


File tree abstractions


Contains all core functions and types in supergit



Represent a commit on a repository


A diff between two commits


Represents a git repository with lazy data loading