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Utilities for classical 9x9 sudokus.

This library currently offers extremely fast sudoku solving and a basic sudoku generator. The solver is based on jczsolve which is currently and to the best knowledge of the author the world's fastest sudoku solver algorithm. A few modifications were made to improve the speed further.

A future goal is the addition of a fast solver applying human style strategies so that sudokus can be graded, hinted and the solution path explained. With the ability to grade sudokus, puzzles of any desired desired difficulty can be generated.


use sudoku::Sudoku;

// Sudokus can be created from &str's in both block or line formats or directly from bytes.
// here, an example in line format
let sudoku_line = "...2...633....54.1..1..398........9....538....3........263..5..5.37....847...1...";

let sudoku = Sudoku::from_str_line(sudoku_line).unwrap();

// Solve, print or convert the sudoku to another format
if let Some(solution) = sudoku.solve_unique() {
    // print the solution in line format
    println!("{}", solution);

    // or return it as a byte array
    let cell_contents: [u8; 81] = solution.to_bytes();



Generic, fixed-size bitsets


Types for cells, digits and other things on a sudoku board


Errors that may be encountered when reading a sudoku from a string


Tools for solving sudokus with strategies that humans use.



The main structure exposing all the functionality of the library