Crate substrate_api_client[][src]


pub extern crate sp_runtime;
pub use extrinsic::xt_primitives::GenericAddress;
pub use extrinsic::xt_primitives::GenericExtra;
pub use extrinsic::xt_primitives::UncheckedExtrinsicV4;
pub use extrinsic::*;
pub use node_metadata::Metadata;


Offers macros that build extrinsics for custom runtime modules based on the metadata. Additionally, some predefined extrinsics for common runtime modules are implemented.


Redefinition from pallet-balances. Currently, pallets break no_std builds, see:

An opaque 32-byte cryptographic identifier.

Redefinition from frame-system. Again see:

Fixed-size uninterpreted hash type with 32 bytes (256 bits) size.


Type Definitions

The block number type used in this runtime.

Index of a transaction.

The timestamp moment type used in this runtime.

Type used to encode the number of references an account has.