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Process Subplot input files.

Capture and communicate acceptance criteria for software and systems, and how they are verified, in a way that’s understood by all project stakeholders.


Resources for subplot.


An abstract syntax tree representation of a Markdown file.

A binding of a scenario step to its implementation.

Set of all known bindings.

A data file embedded in the document.

A collection of data files embedded in document.

A parsed Subplot document.

A code block with Dot markup.

A scenario that has all of its steps matched with steps using bindings.

A matched binding and scenario step, with captured parts.

A list of matched steps.

Metadata of a document, as needed by Subplot.

A code block with pikchr markup.

A code block with PlantUML markup.

An acceptance test scenario.

A scenario step.

The text of a part of a scenario step.

Typesetting style configuration for documents.

A template specification.

A list of warnings.


Part of a scenario step, possibly captured by a pattern.

The kind of scenario step we have: given, when, or then.

Define all the kinds of errors any part of this crate can return.

A warning, or non-fatal error.


A code block with markup for a diagram.


Generate code for one document.

Generate a test program from a document, using a template spec.

Get the base directory given the name of the markdown file.

Load a Document from a file.

Load a Document from a file.

Parse a scenario snippet into logical lines.