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structopt-toml is an default value loader from TOML for structopt.


The following example show a quick example of structopt-toml.

If derive(Deserialize), derive(StructOptToml) and serde(default) are added to the struct with derive(StructOpt), some functions like from_args_with_toml can be used.

use serde_derive::Deserialize;
use structopt::StructOpt;
use structopt_toml::StructOptToml;

#[derive(Debug, Deserialize, StructOpt, StructOptToml)]
struct Opt {
    #[structopt(default_value = "0", short = "a")] a: i32,
    #[structopt(default_value = "0", short = "b")] b: i32,

let toml_str = r#"
    a = 10
let opt = Opt::from_args_with_toml(toml_str).expect("toml parse failed");
println!("a:{}", opt.a);
println!("b:{}", opt.b);

The execution result of the above example is below.

$ ./example
a:10        // value from TOML string
b:0         // value from default_value of structopt

$ ./example -a 20
a:20        // value from command line argument


Re-export of clap

Re-export of serde

Re-export of structopt