Macro structform::impl_vec_text_input_with_stringops[][src]

macro_rules! impl_vec_text_input_with_stringops {
    ($text_input: ident, $type_name: literal, $type: ty) => { ... };
    ($text_input: ident, $type: ty) => { ... };
    ($text_input: ident, $handle_error: expr, $type: ty) => { ... };

Implements ParseAndFormat<Vec<$type>> for $text_input<Vec<$type>>.

This will parse by splitting the string on commas, and individually parsing each split using str::parse. Empty strings will result in an empty Vec.

Formatting is done using std::string::ToString on each element of the Vec and then joining them with a comma.

Note: This is not a good idea of your value might contain commas.