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Peripheral access API for STM32L5 microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust 0.19.0)

You can find an overview of the API here: svd2rust/#peripheral-api

For more details see the README here: stm32-rs

This crate supports all STM32L5 devices; for the complete list please see: stm32l5

Due to doc build limitations, not all devices may be shown on; a representative few have been selected instead. For a complete list of available registers and fields see: stm32-rs Device Coverage


Peripheral access API for STM32L562 microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust v0.19.0 ( ))


Field reader.

Register reader.

This structure provides volatile access to registers.

Register writer.


Trait implemented by readable registers to enable the read method.

Raw register type

Reset value of the register.

Trait implemented by writeable registers.