[][src]Macro static_assertions::assert_eq_size

macro_rules! assert_eq_size {
    ($x:ty, $($xs:ty),+ $(,)?) => { ... };

Asserts that types are equal in size.

When performing operations such as pointer casts or dealing with usize versus u64 versus u32, the size of your types matter. That is where this macro comes into play.


There also exists assert_eq_size_val and assert_eq_size_ptr. Instead of specifying types to compare, values' sizes can be directly compared against each other.


These three types, despite being very different, all have the same size:

assert_eq_size!([u8; 4], (u16, u16), u32);

The following example fails to compile because u32 has 4 times the size of u8:

This example deliberately fails to compile
assert_eq_size!(u32, u8);