[][src]Crate static_bytes

The aim of this crate is to improve user experience when working with static bytes. Look at this pseudo code example to understand problem with &mut [u8] and bytes::buf::BufMut

let mut fixed_storage = [u8; 16];
let mut slice = fixed_storage[..];
let len_before = slice.len();
// declaration fn encode(&self, buf: &mut dyn BufMut);
frame.encode(&mut slice);
let len = len_before - slice.len();
let filled_bytes = fixed_storage[..len];

There are two problems with code above:

  • it will panic if encode want to use more than 16 bytes!
  • it is boilerplate

You can resolve both with SafeBytesSlice. For example usage see docs.

Compatibility with bytes

  • v0.1.x is compatible with bytes >=0.5.0, <0.6.0
  • v0.2.x is compatible with bytes >=0.6.0, <0.7.0
  • v0.3.x is compatible with bytes >=0.1.0, <2.0.0



When things go wrong.



Non panic wrapper for &mut [u8] that implement BufMut trait.