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Vector-like class allocated entirely on the stack.

Shallow wrapper around an underlying Array, which panics if the array bounds are exceeded.

no_std support

By default, smallvec depends on libstd. However, it can be configured to use the unstable liballoc API instead, for use on platforms that have liballoc but not libstd. This configuration is currently unstable and is not guaranteed to work on all versions of Rust.

To depend on smallvec without libstd, use default-features = false in the smallvec section of Cargo.toml to disable its "std" feature.

Adapted from Servo’s smallvec:

StackVec is distributed under the same terms as the smallvec and lexical, that is, it is dual licensed under either the MIT or Apache 2.0 license.



Creates a StackVec containing the arguments.



An iterator that removes the items from a StackVec and yields them by value.


An iterator that consumes a StackVec and yields its items by value.


A Vec-like container that stores elements on the stack.



Types that can be used as the backing store for a StackVec


Trait to be implemented by a collection that can be extended from a slice


Common operations implemented by both Vec and StackVec.