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Bridge between sync and async

stackful is a minimalistic library that allows you to convert between sync code and async freely.

A major issue of Rust’s async is that it is very intrusive: it pretty much requires a whole program rewrite to convert synchronous code to async, and it would require many libraries to support both variants.

Currently, we could use async_std::task::spawn_blocking or equivalents to convert blocking IO into async IO using thread pools, or use async_std::task::block_on to use an async library in blocking code. But it is still quite problematic if you want to use a synchronous middleware inside an generally asynchronous program.

stackful aims to blur the boundary by using stackful coroutines to allow arbitary yield points within other-wise synchronous code.


Use wait to convert an async value to a sync value, similar to .await or block_on.

use stackful::wait;

Use stackful to convert a synchronous function into a Future:

use stackful::stackful;
async_std::task::spawn_local(stackful(|| {
    // Synchronous code
    // This shouldn't block, however

You can combine these functions, note that we seamlessly handle nested functions:

use stackful::{stackful, wait};

fn maybe_sleep(dur: Option<Duration>) {
    // This is not possible under `async`!
    dur.map(|x| wait(async_std::task::sleep(x)));

async_std::task::spawn_local(async {
    stackful(|| maybe_sleep(Some(Duration::from_secs(1)))).await


Turn a synchronous function into a Future.

Wait for a future to complete and return its output.