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A library to help grow the stack when it runs out of space.

This is an implementation of manually instrumented segmented stacks where points in a program’s control flow are annotated with “maybe grow the stack here”. Each point of annotation indicates how far away from the end of the stack it’s allowed to be, plus the amount of stack to allocate if it does reach the end.

Once a program has reached the end of its stack, a temporary stack on the heap is allocated and is switched to for the duration of a closure.

For a set of lower-level primitives, consider the psm crate.


// Grow the stack if we are within the "red zone" of 32K, and if we allocate
// a new stack allocate 1MB of stack space.
// If we're already in bounds, just run the provided closure on current stack.
stacker::maybe_grow(32 * 1024, 1024 * 1024, || {
    // guaranteed to have at least 32K of stack


Always creates a new stack for the passed closure to run on. The closure will still be on the same thread as the caller of grow. This will allocate a new stack with at least stack_size bytes.

Grows the call stack if necessary.

Queries the amount of remaining stack as interpreted by this library.