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This crate provides core functionality for Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers.


Default: ring

ringUse the ring crate for RSA, Ed25519, and SHA-256 functionality. Conflicts with rsa, ed25519-dalek, and sha features.
rsaUse the rsa crate for RSA functionality. Conflicts with ring feature.
http-didEnable DID resolution tests using hyper and tokio.
secp256k1Enable Secp256k1 using the k256 crate.
secp256r1Enable Secp256r1 using the p256 crate.
ripemd-160Enable RIPEMD-160, for Bitcoin addresses, using the ripemd160 crate.
keccakEnable Keccak hash, for Ethereum addresses, using the keccak-hash crate.
shaEnable SHA-256 using the sha2 crate. Conflicts with ring feature.
ed25519-dalekEnable Ed25519 using the ed25519-dalek crate. Conflicts with ring feature.
example-http-issuerEnable resolving example HTTPS Verifiable credential Issuer URL, for VC Test Suite.


BBS curves and BBS+ keypairs

Hashing public keys using BLAKE2b

CAIP-2 Blockchain IDs

CAIP-10 Blockchain Account IDs

DER (Distinguished Encoding Rules) and ASN.1

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)

Decentralized Identifier Resolution (DID Resolution)

Error types for ssi crate

Cryptographic hash functions

JSON-LD functionality

passthrough_digestk256 or p256