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SQLX Database tester

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This library makes it possible to create rust test cases for unit / integration testing with database access to unique databases per test case.

Each database is created with the database name generated as UUID v4, to prevent any collision between test cases.

The sqlx database pool variable of requested name is exposed to the test function scope.

The macro allows for creation and exposure of multiple databases per test function if needed.


  • For the database connection itself, set up the env variable DATABASE_URL with a proper postgresql connection URI. If .env exists, it will be used through the dotenv crate. (if it contains the database name, it will be used for a temporary database name prefix in form of <PFX>_<UUID>).
  • Make sure that the user that connects to the database has permissions to create new databases.
  • You must specify one of features for this crate, runtime-actix or runtime-tokio for use of respective runtimes
    pool(variable = "default_migrated_pool"),
    pool(variable = "migrated_pool", migrations = "./test_migrations"),
    pool(variable = "empty_db_pool", 
         transaction_variable = "empty_db_transaction", 
async fn test_server_start() {
    let migrated_pool_tables = sqlx::query!("SELECT * FROM pg_catalog.pg_tables")
    let empty_pool_tables = sqlx::query!("SELECT * FROM pg_catalog.pg_tables")
    println!("Migrated pool tables: \n {:#?}", migrated_pool_tables);
    println!("Empty pool tables: \n {:#?}", empty_pool_tables);

Macro attributes:

  • variable: Variable of the PgPool to be exposed to the function scope (mandatory)
  • transaction_variable: If present, starts a new transaction and exposes variable of this name to the function scope
  • migrations: Path to SQLX migrations directory for the specified pool (falls back to default ./migrations directory if left out)
  • skip_migrations: If present, doesn’t run any migrations

Pre-commit usage

  1. If not installed, install with your package manager, or pip install --user pre-commit
  2. Run pre-commit autoupdate to update the pre-commit config to use the newest template
  3. Run pre-commit install to install the pre-commit hooks to your local environment


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pub use dotenv;


Creates a PgConnectOptions

Attribute Macros

Marks async test function that exposes database pool to its scope