Trait splines::Interpolate[][src]

pub trait Interpolate: Copy {
    fn lerp(a: Self, b: Self, t: f32) -> Self;

    fn cubic_hermite(
        _: (Self, f32),
        a: (Self, f32),
        b: (Self, f32),
        _: (Self, f32),
        t: f32
    ) -> Self { ... } }

Keys that can be interpolated in between. Implementing this trait is required to perform sampling on splines.

Required Methods

Linear interpolation.

Provided Methods

Cubic hermite interpolation.

Default to Self::lerp.

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Interpolate for f32

impl Interpolate for Vector2<f32>

impl Interpolate for Vector3<f32>

impl Interpolate for Vector4<f32>

impl Interpolate for Quaternion<f32>