Struct spin::relax::Spin[][src]

pub struct Spin;

A strategy that rapidly spins while informing the CPU that it should power down non-essential components via core::hint::spin_loop.

Note that spinning is a ‘dumb’ strategy and most schedulers cannot correctly differentiate it from useful work, thereby misallocating even more CPU time to the spinning process. This is known as ‘priority inversion’.

If you see signs that priority inversion is occurring, consider switching to Yield or, even better, not using a spinlock at all and opting for a proper scheduler-aware lock. Remember also that different targets, operating systems, schedulers, and even the same scheduler with different workloads will exhibit different behaviour. Just because priority inversion isn’t occurring in your tests does not mean that it will not occur. Use a scheduler- aware lock if at all possible.

Trait Implementations

impl RelaxStrategy for Spin[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Spin

impl Send for Spin

impl Sync for Spin

impl Unpin for Spin

impl UnwindSafe for Spin

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