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Easily export your Rust types to other languages

Specta provides a system for type introspection and a set of language exporters which allow you to export your Rust types to other languages!

Currently we only support exporting to TypeScript but work has begun on other languages.


  • Export structs and enums to Typescript
  • Get function types to use in libraries like tauri-specta
  • Supports wide range of common crates in Rust ecosystem
  • Supports type inference - can determine type of fn demo() -> impl Type.


Specta can be used in your application either directly or through a library which simplifies the process of using it.

  • rspc for easily building end-to-end typesafe APIs
  • tauri-specta for typesafe Tauri commands


use specta::{*, ts::*};

pub struct MyCustomType {
   pub my_field: String,

fn main() {
        "export type MyCustomType = { my_field: string }".to_string()

Supported Libraries

If you are using Prisma Client Rust you can enable the rspc feature on it to allow for Specta support on types coming directly from your database. This includes support for the types created via a selection.

Feature flags

  • functions — Support for exporting the types of Rust functions.



  • typescript (enabled by default) — Support for TypeScript language exporting

External types


Why not ts-rs?

ts-rs is a great library, but it has a few limitations which became a problem when I was building rspc. Namely it deals with types individually which means it is not possible to export a type and all of the other types it depends on.

Why not Typeshare?

Typeshare is also great, but its approach is fundamentally different. While Specta uses traits and runtime information, Typeshare statically analyzes your Rust files. This results in a loss of information and lack of compatability with types from other crates.


  • Types related to working with DataType. Exposed for advanced users.
  • exportexport
    Provides the global type store and a method to export them to other languages.
  • functionsfunctions
    Support for exporting Rust functions.
  • tstypescript
    TypeScript language exporter.
  • Contains Type and everything related to it, including implementations and helper macros


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