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spawns proposes thread context task spawner to ease async runtime agnostic coding.

It introduces few concepts for async runtimes to setup thread context task spawner:

With above, spawns provides spawn() and JoinHandle to spawn and join tasks.

Below is a minimum runtime agnostic echo server. All you have to do for it to be function is setting up thread context task spawner.

use async_net::*;
use futures_lite::io;

pub async fn echo_server(port: u16) {
    let listener = TcpListener::bind(("", port)).await.unwrap();
    println!("Listen on port: {}", listener.local_addr().unwrap().port());
    let mut echos = vec![];
    let mut id_counter = 0;
    loop {
        let (stream, remote_addr) = listener.accept().await.unwrap();
        id_counter += 1;
        let id = id_counter;
        let handle = spawns::spawn(async move {
            eprintln!("{:010}[{}]: serving", id, remote_addr);
            let (reader, writer) = io::split(stream);
            match io::copy(reader, writer).await {
                Ok(_) => eprintln!("{:010}[{}]: closed", id, remote_addr),
                Err(err) => eprintln!("{:010}[{}]: {:?}", id, remote_addr, err),

§Compatibility with existing async runtimes

This is an open world, there might be tens async runtimes. spawns provides features to inject spawners for few.

  • tokio: uses tokio::runtime::Handle::try_current() to detect thread local tokio runtime handle.
  • smol: uses smol::spawn to spawn task in absent of thread local spawners.
  • async-global-executor: uses async_global_executor::spawn to spawn task in absent of thread local spawners.

For other async runtimes, one could inject Compats to COMPATS themselves.

Noted that, all those compatibility features, injections should only active on tests and binaries. Otherwise, they will be propagated to dependents with unnecessary dependencies.

For macOS users, you may have to put below to your Cargo.toml for above to function.

lto = "thin"

See for sure.

§Dealing with multiple global executors

Global executor cloud spawn task with no help from thread context. But this exposes us an dilemma to us, which one to use if there are multiple global executors present ? By default, spawns randomly chooses one and stick to it to spawn tasks in absent of thread context spawners. Generally, this should be safe as global executors should be designed to spawn everywhere. If this is not the case, one could use environment variable SPAWNS_GLOBAL_SPAWNER to specify one. As a safety net, feature panic-multiple-global-spawners is provided to panic if there are multiple global candidates.



  • Compat encapsulate functions to find async runtimes to spawn task.



  • Trait to spawn task.


  • Blocks current thread and runs given future until completion.
  • Enters a scope where new tasks will be spawned through given Spawn.
  • Gets running task’s id. Panic if no reside in managed async task.
  • Spawns a new task.
  • Gets running task’s id. None if no reside in managed async task.