Crate sparse_complex[][src]

An abstraction layer for sparse21 that adds support for complex sparse matrices.

Complex Number representation

In this implementation, a complex number is represented as a tuple of f64. Where the first element is the real part and the second is the imaginary part, as shown bellow:

let complex_number: (f64, f64) = (1.0 , 1.0); // 1 + j1

The use of f64 is a limitation of sparse21.


Lets consider the complex linear system bellow:

We can solve this system as follows:

use sparse_complex::ComplexMatrix;

let mut a = ComplexMatrix::new();
a.add_element(0, 0, (1., 1.));
a.add_element(1, 1, (1., 1.));

let b = [(1., 0.), (0., 1.)];

let solution = a.solve(&b);
assert_eq!(solution.unwrap(), vec![(0.5, -0.5), (0.5, 0.5)]);

The solution of this system is:

Vesion Compatible

The sparse_complex crate is tested for rustc 1.50 and greater.



The complex matrix struct