[][src]Enum sp_keyring::sr25519::Keyring

pub enum Keyring {

Set of test accounts.




impl Keyring[src]

pub fn from_public(who: &Public) -> Option<Keyring>[src]

pub fn from_account_id(who: &AccountId32) -> Option<Keyring>[src]

pub fn from_raw_public(who: [u8; 32]) -> Option<Keyring>[src]

pub fn to_raw_public(self) -> [u8; 32][src]

pub fn from_h256_public(who: H256) -> Option<Keyring>[src]

pub fn to_h256_public(self) -> H256[src]

pub fn to_raw_public_vec(self) -> Vec<u8>[src]

pub fn to_account_id(self) -> AccountId32[src]

pub fn sign(self, msg: &[u8]) -> Signature[src]

pub fn pair(self) -> Pair[src]

pub fn iter() -> impl Iterator<Item = Keyring>[src]

Returns an iterator over all test accounts.

pub fn public(self) -> Public[src]

pub fn to_seed(self) -> String[src]

Trait Implementations

impl AsRef<[u8; 32]> for Keyring[src]

impl AsRef<Public> for Keyring[src]

impl Clone for Keyring[src]

impl Copy for Keyring[src]

impl Debug for Keyring[src]

impl Deref for Keyring[src]

type Target = [u8; 32]

The resulting type after dereferencing.

impl Display for Keyring[src]

impl Eq for Keyring[src]

impl From<Keyring> for &'static str[src]

impl From<Keyring> for MultiSigner[src]

impl From<Keyring> for AccountId32[src]

impl From<Keyring> for Public[src]

impl From<Keyring> for Pair[src]

impl From<Keyring> for [u8; 32][src]

impl From<Keyring> for H256[src]

impl From<Keyring> for &'static [u8; 32][src]

impl FromStr for Keyring[src]

type Err = ParseKeyringError

The associated error which can be returned from parsing.

impl Hash for Keyring[src]

impl IntoEnumIterator for Keyring[src]

impl PartialEq<Keyring> for Keyring[src]

impl StructuralEq for Keyring[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for Keyring[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Keyring

impl Send for Keyring

impl Sync for Keyring

impl Unpin for Keyring

impl UnwindSafe for Keyring

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