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Sorted Insert

This crate provides traits to insert elements to a sorted collection and keep the order.


use sorted_insert::SortedInsert;

let mut v = vec![1, 5];


assert_eq!([1, 2, 5], v.as_slice());
use sorted_insert::SortedInsertBinary;

let mut v = vec![5, 1];


assert_eq!([5, 2, 1], v.as_slice());
use sorted_insert::SortedInsertByKey;

#[derive(Debug, Copy, Clone, Eq, PartialEq)]
struct A(i32, i32);

let mut v = vec![A(1, 10), A(2, 20)];

v.sorted_insert_asc_by_key(A(1, 15), |e| &e.1);

assert_eq!([A(1, 10), A(1, 15), A(2, 20)], v.as_slice());

No Std

Disable the default features to compile this crate without std.

version = "*"
default-features = false